What should a co-working space have?

Co-working spaces can be great for freelancers and small start-ups, and they almost always have a really upbeat and positive vibe to them. They also need a few essentials if they’re going to succeed and be an enjoyable space to work in.

So what should your co-working space have?

A few ground rules

Let’s get the awkward one out the way first! By ground rules we don’t mean a long list of things people can’t do, more a gentle reminder about how to treat the space for everyone’s benefit. Whether that’s not leaving dirty mugs in the sink or keeping the noise down a bit, a framework of ground rules reduces any tensions which might build up.

A kitchen

Every co-working space needs a kitchenette – it’s somewhere for people to socialise as well as make a brew or store their packed lunch. Shared working spaces with a kitchenette are always happier places to be, and workers really appreciate extra facilities.

Plenty of plug sockets

People now expect to be able to run their laptops, charge their phones and plug in any other devices, so it’s worth ensuring there are lots of plug sockets available in convenient locations. That includes break-out areas as well as working spaces.

Home comforts

Having a feeling of home such as greenery and bright colours around the office has been proven to reduce stress levels and increase feelings of happiness. You don’t need to turn the space into a jungle, but a few nice pot plants in communal areas and on desks are a great addition.

When it comes to co-working offices, it can be the little things which transform them into pleasant spaces for all.

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Posted by Jonathan Ratcliffe, Friday 24th June 2022

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