“Two pints of lager and WI-FI please” Pubworking an option for UK mobile workers

Home workers looking for social interaction are giving local pubs an opportunity to profit by providing a social place to work away from the distractions of home.

“The big downside to working from home is the loneliness, especially for long periods of time – pubworking offers social interaction, and it’s a great idea for local pubs struggling for lunchtime income”, explains Melissa Broxton from Coworking website Worksnug.com

Over the past few months, homeworking has become the new normal. Even as restrictions ease and offices reopen, many business owners will find themselves wondering if returning to the office is worth it. Homeworking allows companies to save a fortune on renting office space and gives workers newfound flexibility which they may be reluctant to give up. In fact, research shows that as many as 91% of UK workers< would be happy to keep working from home after the lockdown.

But offices have other benefits that we should be wary of losing. There is something to be said for sharing a work environment with others. New ideas can flourish through discussion, and team spirit can be a huge motivating force. During the lockdown, many workers have reported a sense of abandonment that no amount of Zoom calls can fix.

What if there was a way to get the best of both worlds? A place for workers to meet and share ideas without the need for expensive office space.

The answer could be pubworking.

The UK hospitality sector has been hit extremely hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, with many businesses struggling to recover from their forced 3-month closure. Using pubs as coworking spaces during the day would be a win-win situation. Pubs can increase their food and drink sales during quieter daytime hours, and workers can keep their team spirit alive without having to commute to the office. These days most pubs have high-speed internet connections, making them a perfect office alternative.

In 2019, Scottish pub chain BrewDog introduced its Desk Dog scheme, which allows office workers to book a coworking space on weekdays. As we adjust to a post-COVID world, it may be time for other pubs to follow suit.

“Local pubs could open from 9am through to 5pm to allow home workers a few hours of coffee, social interaction and a sandwich at lunchtime – all in exchange for a WIFI connection”, concludes Melissa Broxton from Worksnug.com

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Posted by Jonathan Ratcliffe, Monday 27th July 2020

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