About Worksnug

Work has changed. It’s not a place we go, it’s a thing we do. For millions, the city is our office. WorkSnug is a tool that connects mobile workers to the nearest and best places to work in the major cities of the world.


Connecting You

Our teams, dozens around the world, have visited and reviewed hundreds of viable workspaces. We’ve reviewed WiFi, noise levels, power provision, community feel, even the quality of the coffee, in workspaces across the world. We’re now building a global community for mobile workers.


WorkSnug's Website

Here’s where we share our data on global workspaces and open up to user reviews, as we act to improve the mobile work experience around the world. Reviews left on our website automatically feed into WorkSnug’s Augmented Reality iPhone app. Join up to share your stories, review your favourite spots and to connect with your fellow mobile workers.


On the Move

WorkSnug is at the cutting edge of mobile technology, employing Augmented Reality and location-based services to deliver an iPhone application that has already enjoyed huge global attention. The app shares our workspace review data for those on the move, searching for the nearest and best places to connect. Perfect for those in between meeting times. Simply point the phone and all becomes clear.